Micro Loans that Change Lives

We’re driving inclusive growth and opportunity in India, one borrower at a time.

Our mission is to provide low cost capital to rural women to start micro enterprises, thereby enabling them to get out of poverty.

The Panchee story

Panchee Foundation was registered as a Public Charitable Trust in Karnataka in 2019. Panchee was born from our founders’ passion to transform the lives of rural women through financial freedom. Panchee is a diverse community of women who come together to connect, grow, have fun and make an impact. Groups of 20-30 women in Bangalore and Lucknow, meet once a month in each other’s homes, enjoying each others’ company while contributing a small amount towards a noble cause.

We partner with NGOs who help identify eligible women and deploy the payments. As we lend at the grassroots level, we are able to witness first-hand how financial independence sparks an immediate and positive change in the borrower’s family: her children can finally go to school, which uplifts the community and the broader village. These women are the backbone of their societies, often stepping up where their husbands lack. As women ourselves, we know they are hard working and are able to juggle responsibilities both at work and at home. Panchee was formed to use the power of our networks to help these women.The model we follow at Panchee is centered around sisterhood and empowerment.

a group of women wearing saris and smiling

Ready to take the next step?

Whether you’re most comfortable contributing time to help achieve
our goals, providing donations, or engaging our governments and
large institutions to help support fundamental change, please join us.

Let’s meet up in real life to share in the beauty of helping our sisters.