Rang De

Rang De is a Peer to Peer lending platform, recently registered as an Non-Banking Finance Corporation. Socially-minded investors go onto the platform, select the borrower they want to lend to. The amount does not matter, and the loan is repaid in 12 or 18 months with an interest rate of anywhere from 12 to 18%. Many of the borrowers are small-time farmers, laborer's, micro-business owners, looking to setup a small business, like a tea stall, flower shop, bangle shop, tailoring, etc. A common first-time business is sheep and goat-rearing. They borrow money to buy a goat and, after 6 months they, sell it — usually for double the price and repay the loan.


Vanasiri Rurual Development Society (VRDS) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) dedicated to assisting underprivileged and deprived individuals in society to improve their quality of life.
Vanasiri is based out of Rannebennur, North Karnataka and aims at helping marginalized communities in the Haveri District via sustainable livelihoods through income-generating activities. They conduct training sessions on skill-building, how to participate in natural resource management, sanitation, organic farming, biodiversity preservation, and more.

Roopa Savanur

Roopa Savanur is aged 30, married, and mother to a nine year old daughter. Her husband is a farmer, but she also helps out at the farm and, in the off season,she works as a daily wage laborer.

This is her third loan from VRDS with the purpose of buying a cow and fodder. She hopes to increase her family income through the sale of milk.

Shankravva Uchhannava

Shankravva Uchhannanavar age 47 is a resident of Rannebennur, Haveri District. Her husband is a farmer. Their son has completed his SSLC, and is a driver. They are looking to increase their income so have decided to buy a cow.

They have borrowed Rs 50,000, which she will repay in 18 months. This is her third loan from VRDS and she has been repaying her loan on time.